Finest USA-made 7-ply deck, hand screened by master printer Jesse @ The Cat Palace, Selma, Texas. 10-COLOUR PRINT!

ESC Original homage to the classic Jeremy Klein 'Dream Girl' deck (and a little of 'There's something about Gary' thrown in there too).

Available in 3 shapes & sizes:

9.5" x 30.5" OG Klein shape (14.25" WB) - pink or blue stain & black dip
10" x 29" 'Elephant' shape (15" WB) - pink or blue stain & white dip
8.5" x 32" 'Baby Battleship' shape (14.5" WB) pink or blue stain

If you buy more than one then pop the code of "PUKE" in at checkout for £5 off

Shipping is free within the mainland UK, elsewhere in the world send us a message and we will work it out and add your country!

Due to land early December. Colours subject to possible variations depending on print process.