Eat Shit Club is a UK-based & entirely independent skate company. We design everything ourselves but are an open collective and will sometimes produce designs from submitted artwork and ideas.

Every item we produce is made from good quality materials and priced as low as possible to get the good shit onto peoples backs and under their feet... we won't cheap-out for the sake of profit. Also, where possible, everything is made by skater-owned companies - keep your money in the family.

We ONLY sell through our own store and independent skater-owned and operated shops. No chains, no corporate, no bullshit.

You can find our stuff in these stores:

  • Altar (Dartford)
  • Three Amigos (Camden)
  • Skatepharm (Margate)
  • JJ's (Southampton)
  • 608 (Wimborne)
  • Obelisk (Cheltenham)
  • Freestyle (Newport)
  • NY Skateboard Co. (New York)

ESC proudly (and unofficially) endorse the following brands: Jessups griptape, Bones Bearings, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Cavity Wax, Dickies clothing, Lakai shoes, Big Dicks Hot Sauce, Earth vegan burgers, Red Stripe lager.

Drink. Skate. Puke. Listen to Punk-Rock. Die.